How to install CentOS in virtual box

Download the prerequisites listed below

  1. Oracle Virtual box 64 bit(
  2. CentOS 7 GNOME64 bit (


  1. Start Oracle VM virtual box manager.
  2. Click on New to create a virtual machine and name it (Ex: CentoOS7).
    •  Check the radio button ‘Create a virtual hard disk now’.
    •  You can increase memory size if required.1
  3. In the next screen, check radio box ‘VDI’ under hard disk file types and then click on create. You can change the file location and change file size if required.2
  4. A virtual machine will be created and it will appear in the list.3
  5. Right click on CentOS virtual box, Click start -> normal start4
  6. Now a pop-up window ‘Select start-up disk’ opens. Navigate the selection to downloaded CentOS7 image and click on start.5
  7. Now CentOS boot screen will appear. Click on install CentOS76
  8. When you click on install, a popup will open saying it’s going to capture your mouse pointer and you cannot use it outside of the virtual box. You need click on Ctrl button on the right-hand side to get control back to your laptop/PC. Select capture as shown in below figure to accept it.7
  9. After loading defaults, the language screen appears. Select your required language and then click on continue.9
  10. Select the following settings to begin the installation.10
    1. Localization – select your time zone and language, keyboard settings.
    2. Software – Select the software to install. I prefer GUI based which is GNOME. It is a kind of plug and play. You can install these if you want to install any software on Linux.11
    3. System
      1. Select installation destination, by default it will be pointed to installer image, just select it
      2. Select Network & Host Name, Enable the Ethernet so that you can connect to the internet.
      3.  You can select the security policy if required. There different options available.
  11. On the next set your root password. You can create a new user if required. Wait until post-installation steps completed.12
  12. Once the installation is completed click on reboot.13

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