Why do we need a virtual machine

If you are a developer and want to test or run your applications on multiple operating systems and you have only one machine how will you do that? Yes, the only answer is virtual machines within a single computer.

If you are a founder of a startup or a team lead using a proprietary software that runs on a specific operating system then you can install it in one machine and export as a VDI and share with the team, so that they can import it on the virtual machine and start using it without delay. Any new member added to the team, just share them VDI.

The case study for this is, If you are part of the team that implementing IBM Sterling OMS then the time for installing the software in each of the developer computers is huge. Instead, you can install the software in a virtual machine on one computer export as VDI file and share it with your team members. Then can import it into their VM and start development instantly.

You can even install different software like Websphere Application Server, Oracle XE etc.

VMs will increase your productivity and simulate live & testing environments while developing any software.

In the next blog I am going to explain what are the different VMs are available and how to install OS into VM.


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